Goal and vision for the project

Aim and scope:

SMOOTH aims at creating robots for the support of elderly people. These robots have to interact seamlessly and robustly with thir users. Thus, we will develop generic multi‐modal, highly adaptable proactive robot control and a modular mobile robot platform. We hypothesize that this advanced robot control will generate natural, timely and comprehensible human‐robot interactions for 3 use cases realized on the very same robot platform; thereby leading to commercially viable solutions. The use cases solve time‐intensive problems currently performed by care givers and lead to significant cost reductions in elderly care institutions.
In cooperation with end‐users and the company Robotize, the complete robot system will be tested in two elderly care institutions for the 3 use cases “Transport of laundry and waste”, “Guidance” and “Providing fluids”

User case 1 – Laundry and Garbage Collection


In UC1, it will be primarily the care giver, who will interact with the robot. The robot can be called by the care giver by means of a wearable device once the laundry/garbage is ready for collection. Closed bags with material are put on a modular device designed for the collection task by the care giver. Also in that use case, a modular added on component for laundry and garbage collection will be used. This also simplifies the cleaning processes required for the robot.




User case 2 – Serving fluids


The mobile robot platform with a modular added‐on component developed by DTI.

The component can be simply installed on the robot to expand its function for fetching, bringing, and serving drinks.
Due to our generic adaptive controller, the robot can autonomously adapt its motion to its new body component and perform the corresponding task; i.e., the robot will provide water and other drinks to elderly people and encourage them to drink more and monitor their consumption.



User case 3 – Guiding

The mobile robot platform developed by Robotize. The robot, controlled by the generic proactive controller, will be used to guide elderly people to navigate in an elderly care institution. The controller will allow the robot to seamlessly and friendly interact with elderly people and guide them to navigate in a care institution. The guided person can walk freely, use a Rollator or, when sitting in a wheelchair, can be connected to the robot that then pulls him/her.